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The College of Graduate Studies at Virginia State University welcomes your visits, calls, or emails. We are located in the Graduate Studies and Sponsored Research House (formerly the Honors House) at 2118 Hayden Dr on the campus of Virginia State University. You can view us on a campus map here.

General office contact information:
Phone: 804-524-3692
Twitter: @vsugradstudies

  • M Omar Faison

    M. Omar Faison, PhD

    Associate/Acting Dean

    Phone: 804-524-6793

  • Patrice Randall

    Patrice Randall, MEd

    Director of Operations

    Phone: 804-524-5385

  • Joseph Suber, MS

    Joseph Suber, MS

    Director of Recruitment and Admissions

    Phone: 804-524-5984

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