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Applicants should review the requirements outlined in the Graduate Catalog for curriculum, concentration and specific supporting materials needed when submitting the application. The application deadline for admission is May 1 for the Fall semester, and November 1 for the Spring semester. 

The University will make every effort to process applications received after these dates, but the student's registration may be delayed, late fees may result, or consideration for the desired term may not be assured.

Applicants may choose to submit a standard application or apply electronically.  Virginia State University places the responsibility on the student to submit all supporting credentials, scores, and references directly to the Graduate School Office.  Each student applying for admission should specify on the application the program to which he/she is applying and make sure that he/she is meeting the specific program criteria as determined by the respective program.  Final admission determination will be made by the program to which the student has applied.

Graduate Admissions

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